3 Ways to Inspire Hope

How can I change the world? Can someone like me truly make a difference.

I like to think that we can. That I can. That you can.

But it is not done in the masses. No, world change rarely begins with a large crowd in a huge stadium. It rarely begins with a lot of money. It begins in the small mundane acts of kindness, love, and selflessness.

I have said before that I like to see my position as a Development Director as a position that requires me to inspire others. I am to inspire hope in others. I do not believe that I should be inspiring others solely because it is my job but I believe that the call to inspire hope should be on the lives of ALL people. No matter their position, class, race, or ethnicity. We should be inspiring hope.

Think about this, as of 2013 there were 7.125 billion people in the world. You are just one person, and I am just one person. Wow. This is such a humbling thought. I am 1 in 7.125 billion! Here. This is where the thoughts of inadequacy and unimportance creep in.

Today, I am personally deciding to kick those thoughts to the curb, bear down, and work hard to inspire hope in others. I have three ways that I believe that anyone can inspire hope in others


1. Kindness. – The definition of kindness is this: the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. If you note the graph below you will notice that the mentions of the word kindness has drastically decreased over the last 150 years. In order to inspire how we must begin with kindness. Be a friend to someone.


2.Love.- I think that we all know what the word love means. Love is a feeling as well as an action. When you live with love you live with a spirit of patience, humility, and action. When we see someone in need what is really stopping us from helping them? Love is about stopping the excuses and getting out of comfort zones. Love will always inspire hope in others.

3. Selflessness or humility- C.S. Lewis says, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself it’s about thinking about yourself less.” When we think of ourselves less we think of others more and when others are on our mind we are more likely to care for others.

People want to be cared for, I mean think of yourself. I love to be loved by others, I love to be shown kindness, and I love to be served by someone who is selfless. If we could just live by the “golden rule” to love others as you love yourself we would see people be inspired. And I am willing to say that you will even be inspired by your own actions to be kind, to love, and to have humility. Lets inspire others!



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